Ozone depleting substances

regulation 517/2014
Since 01 January 2010 it has been illegal to use virgin HCFCs to service refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) equipment. From 01 January 2015 it is also illegal to use any HCFCs to service RAC equipment. This includes the use of recycled and reclaimed HCFCs. The Chemical Legislation European Enforcement Network (CLEEN) intends to raise awareness and ensure compliance of the EU ODS Regulations and EU F-gas Regulations by monitoring Internet sales from retailers and Internet market places in the participating Member States. The monitoring will be conducted from January to September 2017. The enforcement bodies taking part in the project will take all actions necessary and impose due measures within their competence to make a seller remove a non-compliant product from the market, or make the necessary changes to ensure its compliance, including contacting the market place operators to request the item is removed from their site.