2002 - 2004
C&L and SDS of Preparations ; 1999/45/EC 2001/58/EC
Preparations dangerous for health and the environment in consumer and professional use of chemical products.

The main emphasis of the inspections carried out within the now completed project on classification and labelling of dangerous preparations and their SDS are the new provisions introduced with the Dangerous Preparations Directive, Dangerous Substances Directive and with the Safety Data Sheets Directive.

For this project concerted product groups, paints and varnishes, cleaning agents, detergents, chemicals used during (re-)construction of buildings and photochemicals, have been selected in order to keep the results comparable. More than 1500 consumer products have been controlled together with their Safety Data Sheets. 

Preparations with the following dangerous properties were selected: “dangerous for the environment”, “sensitizing”, “CMR” (carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction) and preparations assigned an R67 (“Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness“).

Considerable deficiencies have been found in the indication of danger on dangerous chemicals. The labelling of 60% of the preparations currently on the market, as well as about two thirds of the safety data sheets do not comply with the regulations.