Interim Meeting of the CLEEN Task Force and the Project Working Groups

On April 7th and 8th 2005 a meeting of the CLEEN Task Force (Secretariat AT and DE plus the supporting countries ES, NL and SE) together with the Project Working Groups (plus FI, PL) took place in Cordoba, Spain.

The ambience of Cordoba and the good atmosphere provided by the Spanish host led to fruitful discussions and good results. The details will be laid down in the minutes of the meeting which will be available by end of April.

Project e-commerce (WG: AT, DE, ES, FI, NL)

The first project phase (desk top study) was designed. It will start within the forthcoming weeks in order to provide initial results for further elaboration by a WG meeting in June 2005.


The draft report form was revised at the meeting. Open questions concerning information transfer, i.e. possibility to make the form available in ACCESS, will be clarified before the 6th CLEEN Conference.

Project EurAzos (WG: AT, PL)

The draft report form has been revised, PL informed about initial activities taking place this spring, the start of the operational phase in general will not be before summer 2005.

Project EuroPCB

NL presented preliminary results which will be sent for amendments and corrections to all Focal Points. A final report will be available at the 6th CLEEN Conference.


AT reported about the ongoing negotiations at Council and European Parliament, the current process has been discussed and the group agreed that at present there is no need for urgent CLEEN activities as enforcement related issues will not be dealt before autumn.

6th CLEEN Conference

DE presented the provisional arrangements for the conference which will take place from September 28th to 30th 2005 in Bonn, Germany.